Turning Local Customers into Regulars Clients – 7 Tips

August 2, 2021
< 1 min read
August 2, 2021
< 1 min read

1. Smile

Acknowledge a returning customer. A simple smile and a “welcome back” can go a very long way


2. Remember

Try remembering names, personal details, favorites, etc. to create a personal touch that means a lot


3. Be yourself

People shop local because they like buying from real people, so just be yourself & keep it real


4. Spread the love

Don’t take your regulars for granted. Treat them to a coupon, a discount, or something ‘on the house’ to make’m feel special


5. Upgrade

Offer your regulars products or services you think will fit them, it shows you care and is also great for business


6. Show up

Treat your regulars like family members that chose you. Go the extra mile to make them happy, they’re worth it


7. Acknowledge

Thank your regulars. They are your investors, your partners & your biggest

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