Business Consultants for SMBs? Leverage Yourself with a Powerful AI Loyalty Platform

Ira Nachtigal
October 1, 2020
2 min read
loyalty programs for business consultants
Ira Nachtigal
October 1, 2020
2 min read

Business consultants help small to medium-sized businesses taking their first baby steps. When an inexperienced person starts to develop her business, they’re tackled by so many questions, issues and uncertainties, that makes the business consultant job vital if not crucial.

By investing in good and professional consultancy, small-business owners save valuable resources, time, and ultimately money, and eliminate mistakes that could be hard to recover from, at an early stage.

The importance of online presence for local businesses

With online shopping and commerce developing at a rapid pace, it’s even more important for brick and mortar businesses to seek professional help regarding their online presence and strategy. COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need to change and adapt to a social-distancing, and an ‘online-first’ business model.

As a large number of local small businesses are more of a “traditional” nature and aren’t usually tech-savvy, it’s important for business consultants to help their clients progress into the new digital era, using resource-saving and hassle-free tools, such as a digital, data-driven customer loyalty program.

How can Business consultants join the automatic loyalty revolution?

As customer loyalty has proved to be an essential goal for any business, it’s highly important for business consultants to be able to provide their clients with a trusted digital, AI-based loyalty solution, that will enhance their overall offering and add great value to it. Glue is a perfect add-on to your favorite business tool list. It will also help you to stand out, appear as highly innovative, and support your need of adapting your consulting tactics to the latest AI and digital era.

Glue, the only automated and self-managed customer loyalty platform, offers business consultants a rewarding partners program and smb rewards programs, that enables them to earn additional income, while helping their customers build their loyal customer base, enhance their online presence, and grow their sales and revenue.

Customer acquisition vs. customer loyalty

While lots of business consultants focus on user acquisition strategies, some unrightfully overlook the importance of having a digital customer loyalty program in place, for basically any local, small business.

Studies conducted by Bain & Co and Harvard Business School, indicate that acquiring new customers can cost 5 times (!) more than keeping existing ones, and that returning customers are actually much more valuable for any business.

Repeated studies have shown that a 5% increase in customer loyalty increases profits by a whopping 25%-95%, as returning customers spend more regularly.

So why do business owners overlook the world of customer loyalty? Two main reasons:

    1. Work overload – managing customer loyalty is considered to be more of a hassle, and has traditionally taken valuable time and effort.


  1. Results – unlike user acquisition, investing in customer loyalty lacks the same visibility of profit, therefore could be a bit trickier to understand how and how much exactly your business gained.

With Glue’s fully automated loyalty platform, these concerns are now gone. Glue sets up a loyalty strategy that is personally tailored to each business and automatically runs it for the business owner – individually communicating with each customer. Then, using Glue’s clear business dashboard and reports, it’s easy to track results and understand how Glue contributed to sales growth.

In fact, business owners make it a daily habit to followup on Glue’s performance through their mobile devices.

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