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Landing Page


Welcome to Glue Loyalty, once you have completed the onboarding process or if you are logging in from the website, the first page you will see will be the landing page.

This page will display the active apps in your account.

Here you can see details on

  • My Businesses
  • Settings
  • Billing

My Businesses

My Businesses

The first page you will see will be under the tab ‘My Businesses’, on this page you will be able to see all the active businesses that you have in your account. 

Under each app name you will see some information regarding that app such as, app status, publish status etc as well as the number of members within your members club and what percentage of the platform you have completed.

My Businesses

Click on ‘Manage’ button to the right of your chosen business to enter the workspace

If you want to create another business, click on the ‘+’ icon and begin the on boarding to start building your new business.


Within the settings tab you can set the language that you wish for your business to be in as well as updating your password

Please remember to click on ‘Save’ if you are making any changes.



Here you can view and edit your credit cards or update your details by adding a new one, click on the plus sign to add a credit card. 



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