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Onboarding Process

Welcome to Glue Loyalty

To begin your 30-day free trial please click on ‘Get Glue’ or ‘Try Glue for Free’

Glue loyalty

Going through the onboarding process you will be asked questions in relation to

  • Your Business
  • Your Items/Services
  • Your Branding
  • Final Steps

Your Business

Once you have clicked on one of these buttons to start your free trial the first screen you will see will ask you to choose the Industry that applies to your business, you can choose from Services, Retail or Dining

welcome to Glue


Once you choose the industry that relates to your business, the next screen will try and narrow it down to get closer to the type of business that you are, choose the closest business type that would relate to your business


your business

Next, choose the country you operate from

your business and country

your country



Your Items

The next step your will go through while onboarding will be adding some information in relation to the items or services that your business has to offer

(This demo process here is building a retail shop)

Here you can add your most expensive item as well as the cheapest item

add your most expensive item

Next we will ask you to set how much or a discount you are willing to give your members

Other questions that will be asked are ‘Which or your items is your Personal Favourite?’


Your Branding

Lastly, we will ask you to choose some element of your branding

(once you have access to your workspace, you can amend the branding again if you wish)

First, you will enter the business name and the business owner’s name

choose some element of your branding

Next, choose your logo, below you will see an image generated by the platform however if you wish to add your own image you can do it now or in the workspace

choose your logo

Then you can choose your colour scheme, again this can all be addressed again from within the workspace

choose your colour scheme




Final Steps

So to finalise the onboarding process, add the email address that will be used as the login to your Glue Account

finalise the onboarding process

finalise the onboarding process

Next we will ask you to invite some new members to download your app, be it family members or employees who can give you feedback in relation to what you are creating

Once you have invited new members, they will receive an invitation to download your app as soon as your app is ready

Next you will be prompted to download the Glue Business App

Lastly, create your password and you will then have access to your workspace

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