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Once you have clicked on ‘Try Glue’ you will then be brought to our Onboarding Process.
The start of the Onboarding Process is to narrow down to what type of business you have.

We will create a Cafe in this example.




Next you will be asked if you provide Services, Products or Dining to your customers. You will need to select the option that is relevant to your business.



Next we need to get a bit more specific with the type of business you have.

For our example, this is where we would pick Cafe. You might need to pick Barber, American Restaurant, Computer Store etc depending on what type of business you run and what you have answered to the previous questions.

If you can’t find your type of business listed then simply click the ”Couldn’t find my business type” button underneath the drop down menu. This will change the drop down menu to ‘Other’ which you will be able to change later on in the workspace.



Next you will need to put in the country your business is located in. If you are in the United States of America then you will also be asked what state your business is based in.



Next you will be asked if your business is a local store, an online business or a hybrid (you have a local store and an online website that your customers can make orders on)



And that is it for this part of the Onboarding Process, next we work on the Branding and Items


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