How Do You Attract Customers to Your Barbershop?

Ira Nachtigal
August 22, 2021
3 min read
Attract Customers To Barbershop through glue app
Ira Nachtigal
August 22, 2021
3 min read

We can all agree that the barbershop market is crowded now more than ever. With so many small local barbershops, it’s challenging to stand out from the crowd, build a unique branding and make a name for oneself.


Moreover, today, many barbers are substituted with stylists, making it even more difficult for small barbershop business owners to survive in this competitive market.


When you own a Barbershop, you don’t simply cut people’s hair. You connect with people and establish that relationship so the client will mostly be interested in coming back to your shop.

Here are a couple of ways to establish more meaningful relationships with your customers so you can attract even more.

Excellent Customer Service

When a client enters your shop, first and foremost, they need to feel welcomed. Provide a unique and personalized experience that your clients won’t find anywhere else. Engage in conversation with your clients, watch and pay attention to their likes and dislikes during treatment, offer them refreshments while they wait, fresh hot towels. Go a step further and have some music in your shop and free Wi-FI, so clients are not bored while they wait.


Convert your barbershop to a social club where people would want to get together to catch up on the latest news. Unique barbershop atmosphere and design are key.


Moreover, you can even offer something for free with their treatments or free product samples. All these methods will help your customers feel welcomed, valued, and respected when they come to your shop.


Google Business Page and Google Maps

90% of the people are looking to Google Maps when deciding where to go for something in particular. They do this for several reasons. The first reason is they are looking for something local and close to them. The second reason is they are after Google Reviews for a particular place.


If you don’t have your Barbershop enlisted on Google Maps, it would be a good idea to do so. Once you have your shop on Google Maps up and running, you can simply ask your customers to write reviews on Google about their experience in your shops. The more positive reviews you get, the more your business branding is building up in Google search.


A Spectacular Website and Social Media Presence

If you want a successful business, you have to have a killer website, which holds true for all business entrepreneurs. As a Barbershop owner, your website needs to look like a digital entryway to your shop. From the design to the structure, colors, images, copywriting, and logo must be impeccable.


Just question yourself when clients go and visit your website what would they like to see? Start with images of your recent treatments, and make sure you make them visible on your website.  Also, prices need to be clearly stated and easily accessible for clients to see on your website. 


Any promotions or discounts you offer, your website is the place you market them. Another way of making your website stand out is having a well-structured blog page. Here you can share informational articles about products, at-home treatments, and other haircare-related topics that have real value.


One more thing to consider is being active and present on major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Social media is where you reach out to your customers and build that online branding and online relationship with the clients. You can share images from your services and treatments and make online competitions where you offer a reward if they participate, like, share or even tag friends in comments. Make sure your posts and videos are eye-catchy and interesting to watch and don’t forget to be constantly active. Consistency is crucial in Social Media.


Loyalty Program

The best way to motivate customers to visit your shop and get your services is to give something in return, so think about offering them an incentive. Your clients will be encouraged to return to the shop when they know they will get a free reward. 


A well-designed and effective Loyalty Program will help you retain the old customers and convert them into loyal customers and at the same time will attract new and potential customers to your shop. You can offer a few things with a Loyalty Program, like using punch cards for a free reward or a special promo; if they get a certain amount of haircuts, they will get one for free. You can offer free shaving with every haircut. These deals will encourage more and more people to visit your shop and refer as many people to your shop as possible.  


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