Hair Salon Punch Cards: The Benefits of Going Digital

Ira Nachtigal
April 14, 2021
3 min read
woman styling hair - hair salon punch cards loyalty program
Ira Nachtigal
April 14, 2021
3 min read

Offering punch cards has always been one of the most efficient techniques that businesses worldwide rely on to retain their existing clientele and attract new ones. Punch cards used to be made of paper and were manually used by countless brand customers, including the hair salon industry. 

Thanks to the new technology, however, traditional punch cards have been strategically replaced with virtual loyalty cards, and hair salons have found this alternative quite viable. Given the digital era we live in and the existing pandemic worldwide, going digital applies to all business aspects, including virtual punch cards. 

For hair salons, building loyalty among customers is essential to a functional and successful business. Loyalty punch cards are quite fitting, as they allow your customers to feel as if they belong with your brand and are valued by it. Punch cards can help you maximize your brand’s reliability by encouraging clients to gather points or achieve certain milestones, which they can then use to claim a ‘thank you for being loyal’ reward. 

Any hairdresser, stylist, or owner who wants to grow a hair salon business should adapt to the latest marketing trends and implement digital loyalty punch cards as a regular appeal strategy. 

But why?

Loyalty Punch Cards Increase Your Revenue

Hair salons can largely benefit from using loyalty punch cards, especially in terms of revenue. As a business owner, it’s not always that easy to come up with fresh ideas to increase your customer flow daily, and using punch cards can significantly help you with that. Here are a few ways to maximize the use of your hair salon punch card:

  • Inform your customers that using their loyalty punch card will earn them a free-of-charge treatment when they use your salon services 10 times.
    Also, ensure the punch card you provide to your clients is simple to use and offers various discount possibilities and different types of customer loyalty
  • Give your customers the best hair salon experience and add a birthday feature, allowing your loyalty card users to receive a free or a discounted service just in time for their birthday as a part of loyalty program benefits.
  • Being part of the loyalty card membership can offer clients the opportunity to collect points for certain purchases or milestones. Once enough points have been collected, the client can exchange these for some of your hair salon services or claim a designated reward. 
  • Through a digital punch card, customers can receive special promotions, new deals, and seasonal discounts. In the meantime, you can track customers’ punch cards to see what services they favor and offer adequate rewards as a result.
  • You can add a loyalty card program that offers coupons for a free or discounted service when a loyal client brings along a friend or a family member to your salon.

With your salon being automated and having loyalty management platform, you incentivize your customers to return more frequently and enjoy the rewards and promotions your brand has to offer. 

The Perks

Using a digital loyalty cards means you will always be there for your customers — ready to meet their needs, answer their questions, and provide more information whenever needed. 

For example, when a loyalty member uses your punch card to pay for a salon service, your loyalty program receives the transaction details and the member’s purchasing information, thus enabling you to adjust and reshape your promotions based on the customer’s needs.

Implementing loyalty punch cards means an increased referral and more appointment bookings, as well as frequent and recurring customer visits. People are more excited to engage with a brand when they recognize the positive effects of using their loyalty digital card, like earning promotions or bonus offers. 

The moment a new customer starts using a digital loyalty card, they’ll receive an email with a warm welcome and a ‘thank you for using our services’ note.
From there, the customer will receive additional push notifications informing them of your latest services, packages, and discounts.

Glue Loyalty: Build Relationships That Last

The advantages that digital loyalty cards offer are immense, and GlueLoyalty automated loyalty manager is your top service provider to get your hair salon business on a roll.  With Glue, you can build trust among customers and personalize your loyalty punch cards to fit their needs and ensure your business popularity.

Glue’s automated digital punch cards for hair salons offer owners flexible and customized plans that boost customer loyalty among both new and existing clients. 

Using Glue’s loyalty cards allows you to keep interacting with customers via a mobile app, SMS, emails, and the web — simultaneously promoting your services and products through multi-communication channels.  

With Glue’s digital loyalty cards, you can be automated and cardless, while enjoying unlimited loyalty card possibilities.

Make sure to check out the whole palette of benefits that Glue Loyalty features can offer your hair salon business, and trust digitized and automated marketing solutions to breathe some life into your business! 

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