5 Top Tips For Effective Customer Engagement

Alon Zuck
March 28, 2022
3 min read
Tips For Effective Customer Engagement
Alon Zuck
March 28, 2022
3 min read

Customer engagement is far more than just an internet buzzword. Effective customer engagement can dramatically change the success of a small business by driving product development, business growth, and therefore success!


When you create a loyal and engaged client base you’ve got a captive audience that is invested and ready to come along with you on your business venture, from product launches to active participation in events.


Let’s take a look at what exactly customer engagement is and some effective customer engagement tools you can use to increase brand loyalty.

What Is A Customer Engagement Strategy?

Put simply, a customer engagement strategy is a plan that you create to keep existing customers interested and engaged with your brand and business. A customer engagement guide is there to outline each step of the customer journey to ensure your clients have a great user experience every time they interact with you.


So now that we understand exactly what we’re talking about, let’s talk about the top tips!

1 – Follow Your Customer Wants And Needs

To really keep a loyal customer engaged, you need to show that you understand how they interact with your business and pre-empt what they might want next. This feeds into an insight-led customer engagement strategy.


To collect long-term insights it’s a good idea to team with a customer experience platform, such as Glue Loyalty, that can collect vital data and present dashboards in a clear way, so you can easily see which offers and deals are working and those that aren’t and create a plan based on these findings.

2 – Create A Community For Your Customers

Creating a sense of community within your brand is a sure-fire way to increase brand loyalty. It can be as simple as a Facebook group, where people can share their experiences and chat with you on a personal level, or you can create a loyalty club.


A loyalty club increases customer retention by incentivizing spending, and offering rewards to people that come back time and time again. It also gives you a place to engage in open and honest communication with your customers, to give them insights into what is coming next, and keep you alive in their minds.


A community is a great place to show your creative side too, with videos, animated GIFs, or fun designs that give your customers a vibrant image of who you are and what your brand is about.

3 – Engage Your Customers In The Conversation

Using a multi-channel approach, from emails to surveys or social media polls, you can ask your customers to get involved in the conversation. We all have an opinion, and who better to tell you about the customer experience of your brand than the customers themselves?


If your business has a blog, you can invite your customers to comment and feedback in real-time. A poll asking which offer customers would prefer which is then implemented helps your customers feel like they are part of your team, and that the business is tailored directly to them.


It’s an easy marketing tool that hardly costs you anything but can reap massive rewards!

4 – It Should Always Be Personal

People expect personalization, and it’s more than just their name in the subject line of an email. Using data captured from a personalized member’s profile, much like the ones created by Glue Loyalty, you can offer deals that speak directly to your customers.


To encourage a client to come back, a salon could offer a discount on a service they have used many times before. Remember, your customer retention strategies are much more likely to work if they are tailored to the audience.

5 – Offer Amazing Customer Services

We know that as hard as we try, it doesn’t go right 100% of the time, but that doesn’t have to mean disaster. When you offer exemplary customer service, from chatbots through to trained staff on your phone lines, you can snatch victory from what might have felt like the jaws of defeat.


Changing a negative customer experience into a positive one by listening and correcting can be enough to turn that unhappy customer into a loyal returning member. They are much more likely to sing your praises to friends – that all-important word of mouth referral.

Create Your Effective Customer Engagement Strategy Today

If you’re ready to start satisfying the needs of your loyal customers it’s easy to get started.

Team up with Glue Loyalty and create your very own personalized loyalty club, capture vital data analytics that can help create your next marketing strategy, and reward your loyal customers.


Customer engagement tools can be as imaginative as you like and should always be tailored to your customers and your business.

There’s no one size fits all model, and Glue Loyalty is ready to help you design your custom engagement guide today.

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