10 Ways To Attract And Retain New Customers For Your Dog Grooming Business

Alon Zuck
April 18, 2022
4 min read
Attract And Retain New Customers For Dog Grooming Business
Alon Zuck
April 18, 2022
4 min read

If you’re reading this, you know full well just how important a dog is to their owner. They can feel like a companion, a best friend, or even a child. So how can you instill a sense of trust immediately and let new customers find your business, and want to leave their furry friend in your capable hands?

Customer retention is significant, but so are new clients. Let’s take a look at the way you can attract and retain customers with ideas such as pet grooming ads, loyalty programs and partnerships with local businesses. Follow these dog grooming advertising ideas and you’re sure to see your business thrive.

1. Create A Website

It’s vital that your business has an online presence from the off. A professional website should do just that. New customers will be able to find you online, and you can include pictures of yourself, happy customers and their pets, testimonials, your prices and more.

Your website should include all the relevant information a new customer might need, including your contact telephone number, business address, your opening hours, and FAQs.

Any decent pet grooming business plan sample should include a strong online presence. And your site should be mobile-friendly, to grab people on the go!

2. Make Use Of Social Media

As well as your website, create social media business pages. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram or all of the above, social media is a great way to interact with your clients daily.

You can share fun videos or stories that expire after 24 hours. You can offer transformation videos on Tik Tok showing dogs before they’re groomed and the sparkling results afterward. Not only will people love seeing happy pets, they’ll get an idea of what it’s like for the dogs you look after.

3. Create A Referral Program

News travels fast, particularly if you encourage your customers with a referral system. If you ask existing clients to refer a friend and offer a discount or reward for both the new client and your loyal customer, you’re on to a winner.

The reward can be simple, a discount, some free merchandise, or free treatment. It doesn’t cost you anything in terms of advertising and will encourage your customers to recommend you to their friends in the dog-walking community.

4. Encourage Loyalty With A Rewards System

Once you’ve got a customer through the door, how can you keep them? One very effective tool is a loyalty reward plan.

Whether it’s a punch card or rewards based on visits or the amount spent, you can design a plan that works for you and your customers. For example, once a client has bought their dog for nine cuts, they receive the tenth cut free!

It’s an effective marketing strategy that doesn’t cost you much in the long run. It also encourages customers to feel part of your community.

5. Create Your Own Branded Products

It feels like every business has branding, why should your dog grooming be any different? From tote bags, to leads and collars, you can create branded products that your customers can take out and about with them.

Make sure the branded products clearly display your logo, and maybe even your website and contact information, so you can reach new customers.

6. Network With Other Local Businesses

If you’ve got like-minded small business owners in the area, team up with them so they can recommend you, and you’ll do the same.

You can share your grooming salon ideas with other local businesses or team up for giveaways. If you’ve got a veterinary nearby, that’s a good place to start, as well as doggy daycare.

7. Create Offers For First-Time Visits

You can offer new customers discounts for first-time visitors. This can be money off, or a free service, depending on who you want to entice. For example, a free wash with every cut for first-time visitors.

Make sure you are rewarding loyal customers too, or they’ll feel left out!

8. Encourage Online Reviews

Encourage your happy customers to talk about you online. You can join trusted review sites and see your brand recognition grow with positive reviews.

It also gives you a chance to rectify a complaint should somebody be unhappy. You can contact them directly and offer a voucher, a free treatment or their money back.

9. Get Active Within Your Community

As a small business your biggest selling point is yourself. Try to create an active role in your local community, from school fairs to food drives. Offer prizes in raffles and get your name out there.

The more active you are in the community, the more people will want to visit your dog grooming business.

10. Generate Social Media Give Aways Or Prizes

Everybody loves a competition! Use your social media pages to offer special prizes. You could team up with a local business, or do it on your own.

You set the parameters of the competition, and you can ask people to like and share your pages as well as enter their personal data when they join.

Get Tails Wagging And Mouths Flapping

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