4 Social Content Marketing Ideas for a Barbershop or Hairstylist

Alon Zuck
April 11, 2022
3 min read
Social Media Marketing Ideas for Barbershop
Alon Zuck
April 11, 2022
3 min read

No hairstylist, barbershop, or spa can do without some presence on social media today. Social media is an extension of your salon’s portfolio – use it as such.


With the overwhelming number of barbershops to choose from in your neighborhood, how can you stand out from the competition? Social channels like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are uber-visual, making the perfect fit for stylists and barbers to showcase their work. Marketing your barbershop on social media offers you a medium to get your services in front of an interested audience and transform them into paying clients.


It all starts with understanding your goal of being on social media. Do you want to increase brand awareness for your barbershop? Or do you want to attract new clientele? Perhaps, you want to engage your existing clients with updates and offers to keep them loyal? Social media gives you the very precious opportunity to create a brand and a community of loyal followers.


Ready to build a better social media marketing strategy for your barbershop? Here are some barbershop promotion ideas that will help you attract more clients online.

Social Media Marketing for Barbershop

1. Post “before & after” client photos

“Before and after” pictures are powerful marketing tools for small barbershops. Just like online reviews, they provide undeniable social proof of your workmanship. It’s much more effective to tell a story and showcase a transformation through images.


What’s more, these small barbershop ideas increase prospective customers’ faith in your work, making them more likely to contact your business. Photos make testimonials more convincing and allow you to craft an image of what your business is about.

2. Share user-generated content

Your customers are probably sharing their hair transformation videos on social media. Look through your tagged posts and amplify their posts. Doing so generates more engagement and makes your clients feel appreciated. User-generated content attests to greater trust between clients and a brand because people are more inclined to trust your clients’ photos than your own.


In essence, you’re letting your customers’ voices tell your story for you, and you get to spotlight the people who help shape your brand. It’s also an excellent way to increase brand engagement and open a conversation with prospective clients who are bound to be curious about the process of achieving the look. This way, you get to form deeper, more authentic relationships with your customer base.

3. Behind the scenes videos

“Before and after” photos are great for showcasing your skills and range of expertise. The same can be said of transformation videos posted on TikTok or Instagram Reels. These videos not only work as a testimonial of your work, but they can also help you build a loyal and engaged fanbase. Give your audience the opportunity to better understand your brand by filming your processes, the services you provide, and the overall salon experience.


Plus, prospective customers are more likely to trust your services when they can preview your stylist’s and barber’s skills and results.


In the same spirit, use videos to introduce your client base to your team. Hairdressers work closely with their clients, so it’s important to give your team the opportunity to connect and build a rapport with your audience. Create content that shows behind-the-scenes shots of them working or their favorite hair products or styles.

4. Create informative content

Informative content is the key to barbershop marketing success. Haircare is big business, and people are constantly looking for products and ways to have healthier hair. By giving consumers the information they need to make educated decisions about their hair, you get to bring in new leads and build a meaningful relationship with your customers.


Furthermore, creating informative videos and sharing haircare tips helps to diversify your content. You can also host product Q&As about the brands you love using, as this shows your passion, knowledge, and expertise. As a bonus, the brand may even share your content on their own feed.


Remember, be consistent with branding, style, and tone of voice, whether you’re communicating with customers on Facebook or posting “before and after” photos on Instagram. Facebook, in particular, is a great platform to post educational content in a written format, unlike TikTok and Instagram, which thrive on visual content.

Create A Successful Loyalty Program for Your Barbershop

Implementing a customer loyalty and rewards program is one of the most effective ways to attract customers and generate repeat business. What’s unique about barbershops and hair salons is that people are more likely to stick to the one hairstylist they trust. However, in the age of social media, you need to do more than deliver a consistently great customer experience to keep your customers loyal.


With Glue Loyalty, you can create a customer loyalty program that helps you retain your existing customers and improve their experience with your brand. Not only do these customers spend more money, but they’re also your biggest advocates.

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